November 01, 2004

Republicans gunning for first-time voters in Oregon.

The AP is reporting that Oregon Republicans are threatening to challenge the right to vote of thousands of first-time voters.

In a letter sent to election officials in Multnomah county on Friday, GOP lawyers demanded that ballots cast by new voters be set aside if those voters did not provide identification with their ballot. Since identification is not required when Oregon voters registers, or requested of voters when they send in ballots, this is effectively a challenge to all new voters.

Statewide, 207,053 first-time voters registered after May, and 73,226 of them are under age 25, according to numbers from Sunlight Data Systems, a database manager working for groups for Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry.

Twenty percent of the new voters live in Multnomah County, home to liberal Portland.

While voters in most states must provide ID when voting, Oregon was exempted from this requirement by a special provision of the federal America Vote act. The state's congressional representatives successfully argued that such a requirement makes no sense in a state where voting is conducted entirely by mail. As they pointed out, it's much easier for someone to show a driver's license or other ID in person, than to provide a copy of that ID with a mail-in ballot.

Oregon Elections Director John Lindback said rejects the Republican request and says that there is no reason to believe that new voters aren't entitled to cast a ballot:

"For years in Oregon when a person signed their voter registration card, they were warned that if they didn't tell the truth they would be charged with a Class C Felony that carries a $150,000 fine or up to five years in jail," said Lindback. "It's a very serious penalty and we believed that the warning was enough," he said.

He questioned the GOP's sincerity, given that the request for ballot segregation was only sent to Multnomah County.

"It looks like they're trying to stop votes from being counted in a highly liberal county. Why not in traditionally conservative counties like Baker or Umatilla or Malheur. It looks very partisan," Lindback said.

You can find an abridged version of the AP story that doesn't require registration here.

Posted by Magpie at November 1, 2004 12:26 PM | Elections | Technorati links |

Not like threatening them with a felony stopped the Dems from registering 35000 non-existent/false registrations.

Or the 1000's of registered Dems who have registered for the first time both in Florida and Ohio (I guess they will early vote in Florida and then commit the crime in Ohio tomorrow)

Posted by: Jeffrey at November 1, 2004 02:53 PM

I'm sure my children, who I am happy to report have all already voted (their wives/husband as well), would be happy slap some limp-wristed rethugnician in the face with their five generations of Oregon residency. That's how I raised them.


Posted by: Thomas Ware at November 1, 2004 03:24 PM

...that's right Jeffrey, and there would be even more false Democrats if Sproul and Associates hadn't done such a professional job of throwing away all the Democratic registration forms that they collected. I personally don't understand why we just don't simply make it illegal for people who have turned 18 since the last Presidential election to even try to register as Democrats, since they're obviously fraudulent....


...on another note, I heard on OPB not too long ago that the State Republican party is apparently distancing itself from the lawyer who wrote the challenge letter, saying that he was just a volunteer who didn't represent the party in this particular effort. Sounds like maybe they ought to hide the letterhead stationary from him in the future....

Posted by: Jack K. at November 1, 2004 03:26 PM

I'm not saying that it doesn't happen on both sides.. It just appears that the hatred of Bush on the wacky left is causing people to do anything to get rid of him...

However, don't characterize me as voting for Bush... I'm a libertarian. But I am also pro-War and I believe in most of the things Bush has done.

Posted by: Jeffrey at November 1, 2004 04:27 PM

how about some documentation on those 35,000 supposedly fraudulent democratic registrations, jeffrey? and we want a *credible* source. not some figure tossed out by a republican hack without documentation. or an undocumented statement contained in a story in the washington times or on fox news.

put up or shut up.

Posted by: Magpie at November 1, 2004 04:58 PM

I consider thse sources to be just as reputable as the ones thrown about by Kos...

as a start...

Posted by: jeffrey at November 1, 2004 05:26 PM

i can't comment on your first one, since the link seems to have expired.

on the second, all the story says is that there *100* fraudulent voter registrations submitted by a drug user, who was paid in drugs. while the story links the registrations to an NAACP voter registraton effort, it presents no evidence that the NAACP was aware of the fraud.

the third story talks about 4000 verification cards that were returned when an ohio county sent them to newly registered voters. while the story says the number of returned cards was much higher than normal, there was also an unusually high number of new voter registrations. as this story shows, only 931 of these actually resulted in challenges by the GOP. given the possibility of mistakes being made by the post office, people accidentally transposing digits in an address (i did this once), and other errors, our guess is that the final number of voters for which challenges are upheld will be small. and that there will be evidence of fraud in few or none of those cases.

so we're still waiting for an explantion of that 35,000 figure that you seem to have pulled out of the air.

Posted by: Magpie at November 1, 2004 08:40 PM

In 2000 there were no documented cases of voter fraud in Oregon. Zero, zip, none. Fuck you, Jeffrey - crawl back into the sewer you crawled out of... we don't want you here.

Wanna fight!?

Posted by: Thomas Ware at November 1, 2004 09:32 PM

Our heroes, Bushwinkle the Moose and Dicky, the Flying Monkey are on stage as Bushwinkle tries to perform a magic trick.

"Hey Dicky, Watch me pull an election outta my ass."

"Bushwinkle, that trick never works."

"Nothin' up my sleeve..."

-wide shot of Bushwinkle pulling a donkey out of the hat and kicking his punk-ass back to Texas.

In midair sailing toward Texas, Bushwinkle ponders:

"I don't get it... Karl Badanov said it was the right hat."

Stay tuned 'til next week when our heroes clear brush in the Texas heat while wearing leg irons.

Posted by: David Aquarius at November 1, 2004 10:42 PM

As has been pointed out elsewhere, registering a false name doesn't mean that anyone will show up to vote under it. Some junkie wanted to get paid off, doesn't mean 'Mickey Mouse' is going to show up at the poll and demand a ballot.

There is no moral equivalence with preventing legally registered people from exercising their right to vote.

Posted by: natasha at November 2, 2004 09:27 AM