October 30, 2004

I Was Wrong

Josh Marshall tells us that polling indicates the bin Laden tape isn't a boost for Bush, even though Bush campaign advisors are calling it "a little gift." Which is creepy.

Maybe after four years of this junk, the wrongness of leaning your electoral prospects on the continued freedom of a murdering terrorist has finally sunk in to such a degree that not even the tame press can promote it well. I figured that the Republican message, which was obvious before they even started pushing it out, would again become the standard story.

Apparently I've been proved overly pessimistic, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Throughout this administration, they've exceeded my worst fears on just about every score. And the media seemed to lose their collective minds over the same period, pretending that 'objectivity' means not being able to say you're being punked, even when you know it's true.

To borrow from Clinton, I'm supporting a candidate and party that wants me to think and hope, and it sounds like the rest of the electorate may be warming up to the idea. Good. It's pretty exhausting keeping up with the news when the people in power think the natural state of the world looks like a series of Bruckheimer movies.

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