October 29, 2004

Things To Read

As if you didn't already have enough to read, I present you with the following links for your edification and enjoyment:

AmericaBlog points to a story on the other enemies of America that endorsed Bush.

TalkLeft has the relevant info on the two big scandals breaking now against the Bush administration. They try to deny, but there's that darned videotape. Also, a group called Catholics for Political Responsibility belts out a hard left hook at the president's alleged moral foundations. Added: The Bush IRS is threatening the NAACP's tax status in response to policy criticisms made by the organization.

See The Forest has a truly impressive crowd photo of a Kerry rally. Then, if you haven't caught it yet, Dave Johnson explains Social Security, aka the tax we pay to keep seniors from starving in the street.

See The Forest also shared a link to Draft 101, an FAQ for people curious about the powers of the draft board should one be reinstated. Apparently, being female or an only child, going to Canada, or even being over 25 won't keep you off the list.

The Sideshow does a wonderful job of collecting news you need to know, but in particular, make sure and catch the RudePundit's explanation of why Kerry is a superhero.

DailyKos: An op-ed find on the new and improved fully functional Left. The DNC has made a last minute decision to contest Arkansas, where polls show a very close race. An impressive collection of even more pictures of the Kerry rally where The Boss made his cameo. Good news on Ohio voter registration, and better news from the latest Florida polls. Bad news comes in the form of a flier designed to supress the black vote in Milwaukee. Finally, Meteor Blades discusses the situation the Palestinians face with Arafat, which can be summed up as damned if he goes, damned if he doesn't.

The Asia Times reviews the book Globalization and Indigenous Peoples in Asia, which talks about how the destruction of the autonomy of indigenous peoples the world over is a terrible loss for the planet in terms of resource management and habitat protection. Isn't it odd how often bad deeds come back to hurt the perpetrators and 'uninvolved' bystanders? It's almost as if the universe were trying to tell us something...

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