October 27, 2004

Bush Not Dumb, Just a Bad Seed

My father, whom I am proud of for taking the road less remunerative to mold young minds, sent me this article about G.W.’s Harvard years. It turns out, while teaching at one of Houston’s premier private high schools, he had something in common with Yoshi Tsurumi, one of George W. Bush's professors at Harvard Business School.

”When I taught at Kinkaid, the children of G.W.'s brother went there and helped confirm my rather low opinion of the elder George Bush and Barbara as responsible parents. None of their offspring, in my experience, have shown any signs of being raised to acquire moral and responsible habits - they all seem to have been, and continue to act, as spoiled brats. Please read the testimony of one of "W"'s Harvard professors” …
An excerpt from Tsurumi’s Salon article:
"I don't remember all the students in detail unless I'm prompted by something," Tsurumi said in a telephone interview Wednesday. "But I always remember two types of students. One is the very excellent student, the type as a professor you feel honored to be working with. Someone with strong social values, compassion and intellect -- the very rare person you never forget. And then you remember students like George Bush, those who are totally the opposite." ...

It just goes to show you: like father, like son, like son … I hope.

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I've never understood the admiration for Barbara. I've always blamed her for the amoral arrogance of all her kids.

Posted by: palolo lolo at October 28, 2004 06:06 PM