October 24, 2004

Good news if it's true.

A source in the GOP says that Dubya's campaign is sweating over new polls that show the prez slipping in Ohio and other swing states. These polls are apparently mirrored by internal GOP polling that shows Dubya in worse shape than many of the public polls are showing.

GOP officials who talked to Bush-Cheney campaign leaders said the leaders have grown more worried about Ohio, Florida and other key states where Bush lacks a lead with just 10 days until the election. A poll by Ohio University's Scripps Survey Research Center, completed Thursday night, found Kerry leading 49 percent to 43 percent among registered voters, with a margin of error of five percentage points.

Sen. Pete V. Domenici (R-N.M.), campaigning with Vice President Cheney in northwestern New Mexico, told the crowd that the GOP ticket will lose the state without a lopsided local victory in San Juan County, because of heavy Democratic activity elsewhere in the state....

One Republican official described the mood at the top of the campaign as apprehensive. " 'Grim' is too strong," the official said. "If we feel this way a week from now, that will be grim...."

The Republican official said polling for Bush showed him in a weaker position than some published polls have indicated, both nationally and in battlegrounds. In many of the key states, the official said, Bush is below 50 percent, and he is ahead or behind within the margin of sampling error -- a statistical tie.

"There's just no place where they're polling outside the margin of error so they can say, 'We have this state,' " the official said. "And they know that an incumbent needs to be outside the margin of error."

Sidenote: We just love how the Washington Post buried the news of Dubya's poll woes in the middle of an otherwise lackluster piece about the two major candidates' campaign stumping. This headline:

Candidates Hit Key States With Election Still a Tossup

doesn't exactly scream out the existence of potentially important news on Dubya's poll standings, does it? Although we guess burying the news is better than not printing it at all.

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