October 23, 2004

North Carolina Endorsement

The North Carolina Asheville Citizen-Times has endorsed Kerry:

When deciding whether an incumbent president deserves a second term, it's instructive to consider the question Ronald Reagan asked voters on the way to defeating Jimmy Carter. Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Are you more or less financially secure? Do you feel safer? Do you have adequate, if not better, health care? If these and other such questions cannot be answered in the affirmative, is it likely the challenger could do a better job?

On virtually every front, the administration of President George W. Bush fails to measure up.

...Indeed, this president's path has left us vulnerable on many counts. We have failed to pursue the innovation necessary for energy independence, leaving us vulnerable to the whims of foreign leaders. We have failed to realistically address skyrocketing medical costs, leaving families vulnerable to losing their life savings because of an illness. We are vulnerable to more illness because of environmental degradation. We are vulnerable to seeing fundamental rights erode because of the growth of government secrecy and the growth of government intrusion into our everyday lives.

This president has a record, and it's not one to envy.

...We encourage voters to choose optimism and give a Kerry- Edwards team the chance to turn our economy around, to make the world a safer place and to restore the promise that is America to all Americans.


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