October 23, 2004

What is it with VP Cheney, anyway?

At a campaign stop in New Mexico on Saturday, Dick Cheney told a GOP crowd that the Soviet Union might still be around if John Kerry had been running the country during the 1980s. Even for the vice-president — who has continued to claim a connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda, and then lie about it — you'll have to admit this is going pretty low.

Cheney told supporters that Kerry had run for the U.S. Senate in the 1980s on a promise to do away with many of the weapons that U.S. President Ronald Reagan used to end the Cold War.

"So if John Kerry had been in charge, maybe the Soviet Union would still be in business," President Bush's running mate said on a campaign trip to the swing state of New Mexico.

For most people, that would have been enough. But no, Cheney had more:

"In 1991, John Kerry voted against sending troops to expel Saddam Hussein after he invaded Kuwait. So if John Kerry had been in charge, Saddam Hussein might well control the Persian Gulf today," Cheney said.

A Democratic spokesperson said it as well as this magpie could have:

"The desert heat is making Dick Cheney come unglued. Soon he'll be arguing that John Kerry lost the Battle of Gettysburg and sank the Lusitania."

We should probably get ready for Cheney to find a connection between John Kerry and Osama bin Laden.

Via Reuters.

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I swear, every time I hear Bush talk about optimism, I just snicker and wait for Cheney's latest babblings.

"Fear, afraid, 9-11. terrorism, death, destruction, biological weapons, nuclear weapons, die, death, fear, afraid, 9-11, terrorism" -- Bush/Cheney '04

Posted by: John F. at October 24, 2004 09:19 AM

He's having delusions of alternate universes. One of his favorites is where he is the captain of the H.M.S Bounty :)


Posted by: Scorpio at October 24, 2004 05:26 PM