October 22, 2004

Quick Hits

Teresa Nielsen Hayden looks at Suskind's article and explains that Bush is really Dilbert's Pointy Haired Boss. Which officially clinches Bush-Cheney as the PHB-Montgomery Burns ticket. The comments are brilliant and informative, so don't stop at the bottom of the post.

Seeing The Forest shares a plea for the environment, and talks about the real reason that Social Security is in trouble.

How to Save the World on the financial ruin courted by Bush and Greenspan.

Kuffner on the DeLay subpoena.

South Knox Bubba notes that the City of Knoxville is taking down Kerry/Edwards signs, even those on private property.

Feministing talks about the bad gender relations setup in TV newsrooms, even ones that don't have Bill O'Reilly in them.

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