October 22, 2004

Figuring out who's winning on election night.

Contrapositive has posted an invaluable election night cheat sheet that should help all of us avoid premature heart attacks or unnecessary sweating as the presidential results come in:


83 Electoral Votes in play
Polls close in Ohio and West Virginia.

ANALYSIS: This will be our first real sense of where the presidential election stands. Ohio's results may trickle in slowly, but the candidate who winds up with that state in his column will be breathing a lot easier, and the candidate who loses it will have almost no margin for error.

If Kerry winds up ahead in West Virginia, Karl Rove will be cursing the repeal of steel tariffs. The phrase "one-term president" will likely find its way into the thoughts of senior administration officials even before it passes through Dan Rather's lips.


Bush expects: 80
Bush needs: 75

Kerry best-case: 41
Kerry expects: 23
Kerry needs: 3

Just reading the cheat sheet brings home how important every state and every single vote is going to be in this election.

Via Road to Surfdom.

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