October 20, 2004

Keeping them away from the polls in Florida.

Via our friend Miriam, a comment from the online journal darn tootin that shows the extent that Florida voters are being discouraged from actually casting a ballot:

In case you don't know already, it looks like Florida voters are being disenfranchised yet again. I am registered in my hometown, Miami, but I am in college in New York City and still have not received my absentee ballot. First they rejected my request because, "the signature you provided does not match the signature we have on file." Which is utter bullshit, as I have voted in local elections twice using the same goddamn signature. They pick THIS election to decide whether I am, in fact, me. So I sent back the form updating my signature two weeks ago, called yesterday to find out where my ballot is, and was told that they did not receive my form and I am not on the list to receive a ballot. AND, the man who told me this refused to give me his name. My mother is going through the same ordeal, trying to help a family friend who is working in Japan get his absentee ballot; my best friend is studying in Paris and is also being refused her ballot. This is incredibly stressful for me. I want to vote for Kerry SO BADLY and I fear this election will be the same as the last one, maybe worse. If you think America was embarrassed for Florida in 2000, think about how it felt for us who were there.

(The comment came in response to the journal entry for October 14, by the way.)

We're going to try to find out whether the woman who made the comment gets to vote or not. Hopefully, we'll be able to keep you posted.

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