October 17, 2004

Too Shrill for Shrillblog

It is with some sadness that I note that I am too shrill for Shrillblog. Brad DeLong has been tracking the shrillness of the blogosphere through Shrillblog, but today I realized that I will never be accepted into the ranks of the shrill. As Brad said:

The Shrillblog is an attempt to informally catalog those who were once fair and balanced--supporters of the Bush administration even--Republicans and non-partisan and moderate Democrats, who have been driven over the edge by the mendacity, malevolence, incompetence, and sheer disconnection from reality of George W. Bush and his administration. It is also an attempt to narrate the descent of so many into shrill Bush-hatred in an... appropriate way.

Fair and Balanced? After the rightwing hijacking the death of Paul Wellstone? After the blatant partisanship of the 2002 elections? As one who decided well before the Iraq War that the Bush administration had no credibility, my descent into reasonable anti-Bushish was much earlier than most moderate Democrats (or even those Republicans) who continued to give the Bushies the benefit of the doubt. Early Cassandras do not get recognized for their wisdom. Nevertheless, I'm glad to see the shrill quotia go so high.

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