October 14, 2004

Advertising Follies

I subscribe to the Seattle P-I, so I don't get much chance to read the Seattle Times in print, just the occasional story off the net. But today I picked up a copy in the cafeteria to review their debate coverage and found some unexpected humor.

On page A7, they ran an article entitled Cellphone use linked to tumors. Not especially funny, I'll grant you, but bear with me. I usually pass over advertising completely, having been thoroughly conditioned by popups and banners Not To Look, but after reading the cellphone story I noticed that there was a picture of a cellphone on the page.

It took a second to register that it wasn't connected with the article. In fact, some luckless ad buyer at AT&T Wireless had taken out a 3/4 page 2-color ad that ended up cheek and jowl with an article declaring their product carcinogenic. They probably wish they'd gone the black & white half page route, like rival Sprint PCS on A5, where the stories revolved around court decisions having nothing whatever to do with telecommunications.

Somebody probably got yelled at and good over this, and I sympathize, I feel their pain. But I want to extend them my thanks for providing me with a really good laugh.

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Reminds me of JWZ's call before you dig.

Posted by: vsync at October 17, 2004 10:20 PM