October 11, 2004

Hope & Travesties

The New Yorker covers Kerry's comeback.

Pop-up ad software has gotten so bad that the Washington Post is writing about it.

Well, now that the U.S. 'controls' Iraq, the country's nuclear technology is being stolen, and no one will admit to knowing who's taken it. I don't feel safer.

Body and Soul draws our attention to yet another company stealing money through Iraq contracts. Also, it's interesting to see who Kerry's enemies are, it reflects well on him.

Digby argues that George Bush needs to be America's ex-husband. Bill Maher said much the same thing last Friday on Real Time, saying that Bush was the kind of guy who only learned his lesson after having his wife leave him. Heh.

This entry by Prometheus 6 should have had a link ages ago, but the night I was getting ready to blog it, ad software attempted to kill my computer. Fortunately, the topic is timeless. Prometheus links to his online version of The Black Experience In America by Norman Coombs. Other good posts: U.S. involvement in Iraqi oil sales that our government has tried to pin on the Europeans. The rise of the temporary work force. The neocons responsible for our disastrous Iraq policy have not only retained their influence over decision-making, but are making threatening noises towards Iran and Syria. Just how badly is Bush lying about Iraq. And finally, in a few decades, we may be able to become Borg.

Daily Kos: George Bush may be remembered in the Republican party for losing the Cuban vote. Sinclair Broadcasting is having a very bad day, information on institutional investors provided for your entertainment. Bush lied about spending increases, among other things, during the debate.

From Atrios, we learn that Dick Cheney supported massive military cuts, even though he now goes around blasting Kerry for having supported some military cuts.

An editorial gets readers wondering who would win if Bush pulled a surprise attack on Iran.

More progressive activists are vocally and publicly opposing Ralph Nader.

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