October 07, 2004

We thought that other guy looked familiar ...

... during the US vice-presidential debate the other night:

Edwards & his debate opponent

[If anyone knows the original source for this, please let us know so we can give proper credit. Whoever it is certainly deserves it!]

Via Boing Boing.

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I saw it on mcjoan's dKos diary. She offers no specific source, but I think one could infer from "I wanted to leave you all this special memory from last night's debate" that she did it herself.

But I could be completely wrong.

Posted by: N in Seattle at October 7, 2004 02:49 PM

Somewhere I saw Cheney referred to as "Old Man Potter" and Edwards as George Bailey. I liked that too.

Posted by: Tom Burka at October 7, 2004 06:01 PM


Posted by: David Aquarius at October 7, 2004 11:49 PM