October 07, 2004

Rockets Fired At Baghdad Sheraton

Consensus among the cable news channels has the Baghdad Sheraton, just across the river from the Green Zone (which also came under attack within the last day), coming under rocket fire. CNN said that it was answered with machinegun fire from positions they knew to be American.

A FOX News analyst speaking just a few minutes ago described this attack and others as "targeted, isolated incidents" designed to get media coverage.

I guess no one should be alarmed that the most heavily secured areas of the Iraqi capital, where diplomats, journalists, and military contractors are headquartered, is being attacked with rockets. It's not indicative of anything, nothing to see here, move along.

In other news that we should almost certainly not be concerned with, Xinhua reports that the CIA report clearing Iraq of having any WMDs is being received with anger in Iraq.

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