October 05, 2004

Pop quiz!

Quick! Where did we get this chunk of web page?

Where did this come from?

Some Republican party campaign site?

Nope. It's the major part of the new front page for the US Office of Management and Budget's website. And it's just been re-done, at taxpayer expense. We're sure the fact that the election is less than a month away had absolutely nothing do do with the re-design.

Yeah, right.

As Nathan Newman suggests, Democrats should be screaming to have Dubya's administration refund to US taxpayers whatever it cost to get this website work done. This new OMB site isn't public information — it's an obviously partisan political advertisement.

Via NathanNewman.org.

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Stop, stop! I cannot possibly despise Bush and his mafia any more than I do.

Posted by: kamajii at October 5, 2004 05:17 PM

I keep hoping it won't get worse, but then it does and I just get sicker. This is worse than some of the foul food they make "Fear Factor" contestants eat... and they are potentially getting money for scarfing down some festering pile of disgusting goo.

So... how does one properly complain about misuses of government funds? I mean, who will pick up the gauntlet and really expose this kind partisan expenditure of money best used in almost any way but in support of this lying bastard?

It's easier these days to report spam than to report real crimes.

Posted by: drak23 at October 9, 2004 03:27 PM