October 05, 2004

This tells us more than 1000 polls.

Dubya has abruptly changed plans and will be giving a major speech on Iraq and the 'war on terror' on Wednesday. He'd previously been scheduled to speak about health care.

Dubya's campaign is obviously worried about the momemtum that John Kerry appears to have gained since the last presidential debate. And, we'd wager, Dubya's handlers aren't looking to tonight's debate between VP Cheney and John Edwards to slow down the erosion of the Prez's support.

We'd love to see the internal GOP polls that have undoubtedly led to the decision to put Dubya in front of the country. Offhand, we can't remember an example of a sitting president using a major policy speech to respond to a challenger's campaign in the last few decades, but we could be mistaken.

And given how terror alerts bump up public support for Dubya [a study on this came out yesterday -- can someone point us to the source?], what do you bet that we'll have an alert Real Soon Now? And another one just a couple of days ahead of the election?

Via Reuters.

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