October 03, 2004

Being Responsible for the Pit-Bull

Riverbend writes today about the latest "precision attacks" on crowded city neighborhoods. And she talks about the awfulness of the kidnappings and how she feels like it reflects badly on her and her country. In fact, her words speak for me in reflecting the sense of shame I have for my country's behavior toward Iraq.

It's like having a guest attacked in your own home by the neighbor's pit bull- you feel a sense of responsibility even though you know there was no way you could have prevented it.

I know that once Bush decided to attack Iraq, there was nothing any of us could have done to prevent it. And the post-war SNAFU that was created by letting someone like George W Bush take charge I believe was also inevitable. But at least we can work hard to get rid of the warmonger and elect someone else who at least knows that war should be the last option, and not the first, and who cares enough to try to find a solution to the mess Bush has created.

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