October 02, 2004

Elizabeth Edwards on the Trail

Elizabeth Edwards talks to 'security moms.'

...Edwards, the wife of Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards of North Carolina, said Bush has talked a lot about improving homeland security, but has not backed up his words with action.

She cited a report released Friday by the Homeland Security Department's inspector general saying the government's effort to consolidate 12 different terrorist watch lists had gone nowhere, because the department failed to take a leadership role.

"The president has come late to the fight for us and frankly has given us more in words than he has in deeds," Edwards said in a telephone interview, shortly after a "town hall" forum in Manchester.

"It doesn't help to grit your teeth and wave your fist," she said. "When our children promise us they're going to clean up their room, it doesn't matter how many times they promise us they're going to clean it - it only matters when they do it." ...

That general message, all talk and no trousers, is exactly what Democrats need to be emphasizing when the talk about Bush.

Kerry, meanwhile, needs to point out more often that he managed to fight terrorism through a Senate investigation of terrorist money laundering. And if he could shut down a bank which turned out to have been a front for people like bin Laden and the Latin American drug cartels from a Senate seat, think what he could do as president.

John Kerry didn't need the motivation of thousands of deaths on U.S. soil. He took a proactive stance during a time of relative peace, working to prevent problems before they happen. That's the kind of judgement we should be looking for in a Commander in Chief.

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