October 02, 2004

Headlines & Snark

Bill Gates isn't worried about outsourcing.

Bush strikes back on the global test remark, completely missing the meaning of what Kerry said. Does Bush really believe that credibility is a non-issue? Don't answer that.

Kerry takes his criticism of Bush back to economic issues, and the author of this article can't help but take a gratuitous swipe at Kerry being a millionaire.

MyDD: A censored CBS story courtesy of Salon. It's about Iraq, and the network is now too gun-shy to run it before the election. The company that sends Bush reports on Iraq suggests that he's not being truthful about his stance on Iraqi elections. Bush may regret mentioning Poland in the debates. An essay on party ID and independents, examining the stability of party ID in polling and over election cycles. BlogPAC gets some press and the Democratic party takes a proactive hand in post-debate spin.

Mousemusings warns against underestimating radical ideology.

Blondesense points to a story about a woman whose obituary included a plea to vote for Kerry, noting that after it ran someone called up her husband and said she'd burn in hell. Nice.

Curly Tales of War Pigs recounts the very funny story of the Republican post-debate talking point conference call, which was hijacked by some enterprising Democrats who got the phone number from Atrios.

Speaking of Atrios, he notes that Bush got fried in Business Week, an outlet that would seem to be friendly territory.

Body and Soul on the overseas voting problems that may deny many people the right to vote and be counted, and points out gleefully that Rove couldn't even spin the New York Post on Bush's terrible performance.

Matt Yglesias rounds up the American Prospect debate commentary.

Uppity Negro's first in memoriam post covers the pre-elections in Illinois and Iraq.

The Sideshow's Avedon Carol covers the debate with her own unique commentary and an eclectic roundup. There's also a more extensive roundup of the recent vote to allow the U.S. to outsource torture.

Avedon also linked to Bill Scher at Liberal Oasis who analyzes why Kerry won the debate, and you might want to scroll down to read the pre-debate humor. Readers sent in some great one-liners and jokes Kerry could have used Thursday, and Scher came up with a few of his own, but that stand on their own as policy taglines anyway. My favorite: "Congress, myself included, voted to give the president permission to put the bullet in the gun. We did not give him permission to shoot us in the foot."

Feministing on stifling the youth vote, and the South Carolina state law being used to prevent student debate on reproductive issues from stem-cell research to abortion.

Steve Gilliard: Why Iraq is deteriorating fast. A review of Kitty Kelley's The Family. And in response to the high-profile firing of a real estate agent revealed to have made anti-semitic comments, he says that New York has bigots with money, too.

Scott over at Poetic Leanings reports back on the Vote for Change concert.

Middle Earth Journal highlights the spoof statements that made the Oregon voters' pamphlet, on the 'pro' side of the anti-gay marriage amendment. He also points over to the Republican push-polling plan.

Nathan Newman: Tax havens cost $10-20 billion per year. San Francisco enacts instant runoff voting in a smart way. And in what should be huge news, Goss stacks CIA with hacks.

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That MyDD link alone is gold... Pure gold...

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