September 30, 2004

The Republicans Call The Debate

I just heard Mort Kondracke, rabid FOX News partisan, say that Kerry came across as a Commander in Chief. None of the FOX panelists, including as also Ceci Connolly, Bill Kristol, and Brit Hume, could say anything that favored Bush more than that the debate was a draw. It was admitted and not challenged that Bush ran out of material at some point and then just kept repeating himself.

On MSNBC, even Joe Scarborough had to call the debate for Kerry, and further said that he didn't think Bush would be able to catch up in the following debates.

If some of Bush's most ardent off payroll supporters can't defend his performance better than this, I think we can call it for Kerry. He looked relaxed and neutral to sunny when he wasn't talking, didn't fumble when he was talking, and spoke very concisely.

CNN transcript here.

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Rudy Guiliani was on the Daily Show tonight (live -- it'll be re-airing at 1 AM Eastern) and he was thoroughly using spin on the debate - it almost felt like it was pre-prepared remarks that he was goign to use whatever happened... "Kerry LECTURED people and Bush just talked to them...."

Fact is Kerry was composed, concise and Bush didn't land the death blows he could have during the debate. Also, Bush was fidgety, anxious, arrogant, obnoxious as well as he kept trying to see if it was his turn yet.... You watched him and you saw he only responded to certain buzz words like he was in a High School debate class... Then he would shout out the campaign slogans over and over again as a retort.

The only thing tha tKerry did not say that I really wish he had made this campaign about was accountability and that in the failings of Iraq, there had been no accountability from Bush to fess up to the facts or for Bush to hold members of his administration accountable.

Posted by: John F at September 30, 2004 08:51 PM

Hannity was commenting on how Bush hammered, but then, that's his job isn't it?

Posted by: Terry at September 30, 2004 09:07 PM

Propoganda to the bitter end, Terry. propoganda till the bitter end....

Posted by: John F at October 1, 2004 02:28 PM