September 29, 2004

Gregoire Campaign Update

From email, the Gregoire campaign on stimulating the life sciences industry and other businesses in Washington State:

...Gregoire discussed Putting Washington Back to Work, her detailed and comprehensive plan to create 250,000 new jobs. Chris’ plan will create jobs by creating a new life sciences fund to put Washington state at the forefront of revolutionary new technology, and nurture thousands of high-waged highly skilled blue-collar and white-collar jobs throughout Spokane, the Tri-Cities and the I-5 corridor.

Gregoire also explained her plans to reform the B&O tax, streamline small business permits and offer a tax incentive to reward industries that use our state’s research labs.

“Dino Rossi says that all the Governor can do is ‘stifle growth and kill jobs,’” Gregoire said [Wednesday in Vancouver.] “I believe we need a governor who’s ready to get out there and fight to turn our economy around in every part of the state.”

Gregoire also discussed her plans to create a stem cell research institute in Washington so the state can lead the nation in potentially life-saving research for people with a range of diseases from diabetes to Parkinson’s to Alzheimer’s. At their first debate, Dino Rossi said that there was no point in competing with California for stem cell research or the jobs it creates. ...

She's got their endorsement:

...Chris Gregoire has been endorsed by Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs, Washington State Council of Firefighters, Washington State Patrol Troopers’ Association and Fraternal Order of Police. Together, these groups represent over 10,000 police officers and firefighters throughout Washington state.

Chris spoke [Wednesday in Spokane] about the impact of September 11 on our state’s thinking about public safety. She also addressed ways to strengthen partnerships between federal, state, tribal and local public safety agencies and the importance of maintaining the Washington State Patrol’s position as one of the nation’s premiere state law enforcement agencies. ...

The campaign has a blog, with fairly frequent updates, pictures of supporters on the campaign trail, and profiles of campaign volunteers.

We'll be writing more about Gregoire in this space in the days to come, but please bear with the light posting for just a bit longer.

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