September 28, 2004

Quick Hits

Shaula Evans on the Democratic party machine, and a post about the What She Said! project.

Obsidian Wings on a provision that could pass Congress and legalize the subcontracting of torture to other countries without pesky human rights laws, on behalf of the U.S.

Max Sawicky notes that the health insurance industry is bankrupt.

The Crawford, TX, newspaper endorses Kerry, after having endorsed Bush in 2000, and favoring the decision to go to war. In comments, a poster notes that Crawford's mayor has already endorsed Kerry.

BOPNews: Newberry has a Carville moment. Nagler reminds us that the overseas vote could be important.

The Final Insult: Late night comedy watchers are better informed than the general public, with Daily Show watchers performing the best on general knowledge surveys and achieving parity wih regular watchers of cable news. Stewart does that for his audience in what probably amounts to an average of 25 minutes of issue-oriented content, not counting political interviews, per week. (link courtesy of BOPNews)

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