September 25, 2004

Saturday Update

Naomi Klein argues in Baghdad Year Zero that the neocons did have a plan for Iraq, it's just that it was a very, very bad one that hasn't worked at all like its authors thought it would. Neoliberalism: No one can say that it hasn't been tried.

Feministing: The right is now using construction boycotts to keep Planned Parenthood facilities from opening. Kerry talks about the Good Samaritan.

BattleBunny says that the political gloves are off. Here's my question: In the context of this metaphor, does the Republican political machine even own a pair of gloves?

How To Save The World on why conservation won't happen, and simple health care solutions that nobody with any power wants to try. Even in Canada.

According to the Guardian, an increasing awareness of autism and Asperger's syndrome is waking the public up to the fact that many parents are being wrongfully accused of abuse when their children exhibit the typical Asperger's symptoms of atypical interests and poor socialization. Also, excepting the Middle East and Africa, capitalism is proving such an effective contraceptive that industrial nations face a worldwide baby bust.

Atrios shows us exactly what the RNC is mailing out in Arkansas, a hit piece claiming that liberals want to ban the bible. I'd say that I've never heard anything more ridiculous in my life, except that I've had the news on from time to time over the last four years.

DailyKos: The shameful attack on working Americans by the Republican leadership, from raising their taxes to lowering their wages. A long New York Times profile of poliblogging and Kos [permalink to NYTimes article].

TBogg has some fun with the wingnuts at Sinclair Broadcasting.

To what should be the surprise of no one, Al Muhajabah notes that Bush is polling in single digits among Muslims.

This corrente post highligts a deserted Iraqi battalion, trained by private contractors, all but derelict after members refused to fight fellow Iraqis. Has anyone in the media done the math to figure out if the numbers of troops the administration claims to have trained and readied include people who bugged out at the first sign of trouble?

First Draft has a great picture of the Kerrys.

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