September 24, 2004

Send Democrats To Congress

The presidential election is a dead heat, and it's past time we can contribute to the Kerry campaign. But we can make sure Democrats have a shot at making a majority in the House. If Kerry wins, a Republican House will probably have impeachment articles on the floor within a month, and drastically decrease his ability to push forward his agenda. If Bush wins, we'll either face another Republican rubber-stamp committee, or a Democratic House that can be a thorn in his side.

Either way, the House is crucial. Having Pelosi be Majority Leader instead of the craven and corrupt DeLay is crucial. And the Democratic Congression Campaign Committee can effectively act wherever the need is greatest all the way into the home stretch of the election, responding quickly to mood shifts in volatile house races where a couple hundred thousand judiciously applied can win another Democratic seat in Congress.

I've set a goal for the site of raising $500 for the DCCC before the election from at least 20 people. Although it's probably the last contribution I can afford to make this cycle, I've put in the first $25 because winning the House is that important. If 19 others join me, it'll be one more way to be sure on election day that we did all we could to break the Republican stranglehold on Washington D.C. and urge Democratic voters to show up at the polls to support the ticket.

If it bothers you, think of it as an investment, rather than a donation. Wealthy campaign contributors have long looked at their political giving that way, and it's paid off pretty well for them. But a raft of small donor contributions towards the DCCC is an investment in the progressive agenda, and a reminder to those elected that the public is watching them. Your investment will go towards a majority in the House that is: pro-choice, pro-environment, fiscally responsible, willing to work against nuclear proliferation, on the side of small business, interested in affordable healthcare, and a voice for the middle class and disadvantaged. In short, one that knows it's beholden to the Democratic base.

Please invest today in a better future for America.

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The Bush campaign discovered that if they threw in "and Republicans running for Congress" into their ad, or if the ad pushed party agendas, they could use all the RNC money they wanted and it was within the finance laws. So giving to the DNC will allow Kerry to do the same.

Take heed!


Posted by: Scorpio at September 25, 2004 01:29 PM