September 24, 2004

Who's sending U.S. jobs out of the country?

The AFL-CIO's Working America affiliate can help you figure out the answer.

Their online job tracker lets you figure out which companies or industries in your area are exporting jobs. You can search by ZIP code, ZIP code and industry, or company name. The tracker then gives you a list of local companies that have shipped jobs abroad, and another list of companies that have laid people off because the effect international trade has had on their business.

When we put in our Portland, Oregon ZIP code, we got 26 job exporters and 52 companies that have laid people off. For those outside the US, Oregon is not a particularly big state and the Portland metro area is only the 22nd largest in the country. (And it ranks that high only because the Census Bureau tosses in the population of Salem, which is 50 miles [62 km] away.) You can imagine what the figures look like for larger areas.

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I refused to give SBC customer service a fine rating. I pointed out that sending their help line offshore was bad for my country.

Posted by: Scorpio at September 25, 2004 01:31 PM