September 21, 2004

Phoning It In

I've been busy the last couple days, and haven't been able to either read or post as much as I'd like. So I wanted to make sure there were at least a couple posts up for what is now Tuesday, but not actually have to poke around much. So here's a fake headline roundup, in the hopes that no one will notice the difference:

Explosion and gunfire in Iraq kills dozens.

U.S. Treasury goes deeper in debt to foreign lenders.

Job market lackluster, Bush recommends optimism.

Vaccinations and medical care urgently needed in Africa.

Misery continues in Sudan.

Afghani warlords moving tons of heroin to world market.

Paramilitary forces on the move in South America.

Pollution unabated.

UK citizenry briefly entertain fantasy of having the Italian ambassador as new PM.

Media continues wringing hands over Rather.

Media collectively forgets Niger document forgery, Judith Miller, Clinton era hoaxes.

Both major presidential candidates described repeatedly with RNC catchphrases.

Bush administration official unintentionally ironic.

Coverage of mangled houses in Florida outweighs 600 dead in Haiti.

U.S. pop star does something tacky, gets massive coverage.

There, those should last for a while. Heck, I could probably hitch on out of here for a couple more days on them. We could play a game even. I come up with some silly perma-headline, you post a matching link in the comments. Unless the exercise is just too depressing.

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Links! You need links or we'll know better! They don't have to be the right links, just links! We live for links! ;-)

Posted by: palamedes at September 22, 2004 09:41 PM