September 20, 2004

What Bird Was That?


When I was still birding regularly (while living in Portland), I belonged to the Audubon Society of Portland where we had monthly Birders Night. A regular activity was to look at the beautiful photos of the birds people had been seeing. One of the more interesting twists was the variant where photos of birds captured at a strange angle or in a weird pose would be thrown up on the screen as a challenge to the birders: What bird is that? Well, it looks like South Knox Bubba would fit right into my old stomping grounds and could offer some of his own specialities. So what is your guess for this guy? Click on the picture to get to the answer.

And go to see what a "hearts bustin with love" could possibly be.

I hope Kerry wins soon. I'm ready for some quality birding time.

Posted by Mary at September 20, 2004 11:45 PM | Entertainment | Technorati links |

That's nothing like any robin I've ever seen... I mean, where the red breast should be, this bird is white!

Since there's no clue as to size, and the tips of the tail feathers aren't visible, it's virtually impossible to tell. Also, I'm a native Californian (backyard birder) with no knowledge of TN birds.

But white-speckled under-tail feathers are ubiquitous on raptors; this could easily be a small falcon or owl.

Posted by: CaliforniaDrySherry at September 21, 2004 05:35 PM