September 18, 2004

More Where That Came From

The Olympic games are over, but now the stadiums in Athens have been turned over to the Paralympic games. The international competition for disabled athletes is the second largest sporting event in the world.

Left Coaster: Steve Soto explains at some length why the Gallup poll is an outlier, significantly overrepresenting Republicans, and maybe the other major polls as well. Our household tends to favor Zogby, and we've not been made fools of thereby just yet. The pessimist on why the Bush camp should have read Sun Tzu.

Wampum: The political plan of Central Asia's nonviolent Islamic movement, who argue that representative democracy can't represent the interests of the public, virtually by design. The disgraceful way mentally ill inmates are treated in American jails, which should be a deep public shame. And finally, what 'your' 2001 tax cut bought:

...Mr. Bush campaigned in 2000 in an environment of a large budget surplus that was projected to continue as far as the eye could see. On the stump, candidate Bush promoted his tax cuts by reminding voters that "Its your money."

The IRS estimates that there will be 130,597,000 individual tax returns this year.

If it was your money in 2000, it is your debt in 2004. An $8.7 trillion deterioration in our fiscal position works out to $66,617 per tax return. ...

Teresa Nielsen Hayden talks about the consequences of thinking Social Security won't be there for you, and wonders if the government's largely cosmetic response to airport security has made anyone feel safer yet.

What Iran thinks of us.

I've been meaning to post about this for a couple days, but kept forgetting completely. When Pandagon beat me to it, I knew it was time to bring up the legislation that recently passed in the House that would allow any medical professional to deny even emergency or rape-related contraception or abortion services. Practitioners from pharmacists to ER staff would not be obligated under the law even to make referrals to other doctors or facilities that would provide such help.

The Falls Church News Press has an entertaining editorial about our election day choice. Go read the whole thing, it has some interesting messaging suggestions for Democrats:

With roughly 50 days to go before Election Day, this is our choice: The Flip Flopper vs. The Flop. Bush wants to convince the nation that Kerry canít make up his mind, while Kerry wants to persuade America that Bush is mindless. With the economy tanking, the deficit ballooning, Iraq exploding, Afghanistan imploding, North Korea near detonating and AK-47s proliferating, Americans should be sick and tired of Bush. Well, hopefully just tired because itís likely they lost their health insurance on the presidentís watch.

The anemic job market has Republicans stretching denial to new, surreal lengths. Vice President Dick Cheney even implied that people arenít really jobless; theyíre just self-employed and selling goods on E-Bay. ...

More on the decline of democracy in Russia. Hey, at least Putin's being honest about it.

Tristero has the all-important science position questionnaire for Bush and Kerry, wherein Nature magazine took statements from each regarding their stand on important issues in technology and research. For all the 'innovation will drive our economy' junk you hear from Republicans, they don't seem to actually like innovation when it makes it off the drawing board.

An overheated opinion columnist at the Salt Lake Tribune states that the death knell sounds for once-trusted CBS News. Hmm. Admittedly, there's some possible egg-on-face involved for those of us who believed in the documents' accuracy, but also for those who insisted that there were no 'th' superscripts in 1971 or that Killian's wife and son knew anything about his files. However, we're talking about a news media that swallowed major whoppers about Iraqi WMDs, aluminum tubes, and connections with Al Qaeda, without firing a single person for this collosal swindle. Thin. Damn. Ice.

Brad DeLong finds a critical review of our new 'ownership society', wherein wages are being taxed more than wealth, exactly the opposite intent of the lawmakers who instituted the income tax.

The Stakeholder has heartening reports of Democrats taking the fight to Bush, in a concerted effort that dovetails with the Kerry campaign no less, over Iraq blunders.

From the Roots notes that Senate candidate Erskine Bowles has a plan. Multiple plans, actually, regarding healthcare and job growth.

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RE: Gallup poll.
I've been optimistic for a long time because Dems will get a majority of the elder vote and they will get a majority or the youth vote and they will get a larger protion of the military vote than Dems normally get. Kerry will win. There is no doubt in my mind. Gallup be damned!

Posted by: Babba at September 18, 2004 03:10 PM

Hi Natasha,

I was going over some old notes tonight and saw a note to write you after I got home from the IOWA caucus, working for Dean, to send you a link to my video...

Well, check out the new web site and especially my LOVE LETTER TO THE DEAN CAMPAIGN....

All for now,

cheers and keep up the good fight.
One day, we will win...

Geri Weis-Corbley

Posted by: geri at September 18, 2004 07:20 PM