September 17, 2004

What I Want To Know...

The Carlyle Group takes over U.S. nuclear program, sets sights on the weaponization of space. This steams my clams on so many levels, I don't even know where to begin.

Digby says stop the handwringing over the Kerry campaign. We have the paid media to do that for us, and surely none of us will outwhinge them.

TalkLeft says a Republican convention-goer who kicked a protestor on video when she was on the ground seems to have been identified.

Daily Caucus on Arab family values, a court decision finding that the South Dakota legislature violated Native American voting rights by packing them all into a single voting district, and an example of how Republicans talk when it's just them:

Elephant brothers and sisters,

Larry Diedrich (R-Congressman hopeful) will be on campus [today] in front of the CSC from 3:30 to 4:30 PM. He will be shaking hands and answering questions that anyone might have about his campaign. Please show Larry your support and make an effort to stop by and introduce yourself. Politicians have to be great with names so make an impression on him and it might help you out in the future. If anyone wants to chat privately in a group-let me know-I will set up a time and email you all back. Help Larry defeat "Washington Witch" Stephanie Herseth by showing your support. What you do will be seen and followed by those who do not take initiative. So, stop by and simply say hi!

Thanks everyone,

Andrew Brown
Chair-USD Republicans

Kerry says Bush is "living in a fantasy world of spin". That's the spirit.

The Kofi Annan interview where he state that the invasion of Iraq was illegal in his opinion. Apparently Australia's PM, John Howard, is worried that it will hurt his party's chances in upcoming elections. If so, good. Bush was wrong to go in, but his major enablers provided a necessary fig leaf, and every one of them deserves to get booted from office. When a man is intent on hanging himself, some moral culpability can be assigned for handing him a noose.

What Dick Cheney used to think about sanctions on countries with unfriendly regimes.

How to Save the World has a fitting entry on things people would rather not think about, but probably should.

The Stakeholder has more detail on the DeLay ethics investigation.

Pinko Feminist Hellcat noted that a Maryland Senator decided to back voting paper trail legislation after an electronic voting machine misrecorded her vote in a demonstration. I'm glad, but you have to feel for whoever got chewed up for that public relations disaster. Or maybe, considering that they were trying to sell paperless electronic voting machines to the government, you don't.

Speaking to a sore but important subject, nitecrawler shares some thoughts on suicide.

Ampersand talks about what it would really mean to reduce the number of abortions, the various components of male privilege checklist, and why there aren't more women in politics.

MyDD exposes the first post-RNC convention poll as an outlier that substantially misrepresented the makeup of the voting public. Also, another sad milestone noted in Iraq; 2,000 coalition fatalities including contractors, official military personnel, and Iraqi security forces.

Seeing the Forest on right wing witness intimidation.

Empire Notes with some testimony from Israeli refuseniks on standard operating procedure in the occupied territories.

Feministing found a story on youth participation rates in politics, bringing the good news that they're way up.

The Left Coaster: The Wurlitzer is training its sigts on Iran. Some previews of the Kitty Kelley book.

Grover Norquist had some harsh words for Ohio's Republican governor. Some scorching stuff, right there.

If you're going to go ahead an canvass a neighborhood or participate in a voter registration drive, Liberal Oasis has a handy cribsheet for when people have questions about John Kerry.

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I'm not so sure that steaming my clams is exactly a refined or accurate way to express resentment.

It's also distracted me beyond belief. Thanks a lot, Natasha.

Posted by: paradox at September 17, 2004 07:35 AM

I have no earthly idea how to take that comment. So, you know, thanks for a gonzo moment ;)

Posted by: natasha at September 17, 2004 10:47 AM