September 14, 2004

Bush Is Proud of His Environmental Record

KQED's Forum had a program today about Bush's environmental record. The first guest was Michael Catanzaro, Environmental Policy Director for the Bush/Cheney campaign '04. Catanzaro made the following astonishing statement about Bush's environmental record: it is the "strongest, most defensible environmental record in history." And he asserted that all the environmental organizations that claim Bush has the worst environmental record in the past 100 years are "appendages of the Democratic party" and "partisan". According to him, Bush has an incredible record on Clean Air, Clean Water and cleaning up pollution. And he absolutely has the best approach to global climate change because he opposes Kyoto (which would cause "severe economic harm to the US") and because he is investing lots of money into energy efficient technology that will reduce emissions in the future. It's pretty obvious that the Bush campaign has perfected the big lie and there isn't anything too blatant or too far out that they won't claim.

Do you find it surprising that one of Mr. Catanzaro's previous gigs was as a reporter for Robert Novak?

Too bad he didn't stick around to talk with the person who discussed the group formed by Republicans who worked in other Republican administrations and are actively working to elect a real environmental president.

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