September 14, 2004

Big Media News

The Bush administration has a laudable proposal to cancel billions in debt for poor countries. Which sounds great, though the article also suggests that it might be yet another great idea that this administration is absolutely unwilling to fund.

Turning D.C. into their pet project to drive the base wild, House Republicans plan to repeal Washington D.C.'s gun bans and forbid local officials from making any new ones. The bill may face a harder road in the Senate, but the House has a solid majority for it.

Possibly worried about his electoral fortunes, or maybe genuinely concerned about the issue, Tony Blair calls for a green industrial revolution to avert environmental catastrophe. Other issues aside, if other countries go down this road ahead of us, the U.S. will lose a significant technological edge.

In Baghdad, 47 are dead and 114 are injured in an explosion at a market thought to have been targeting a police station, while 12 Iraqi police officers were attacked and killed later in Baquba. Elsewhere, more hostages are taken, Australia has been issued the same 'leave or they die' ultimatum previously issued to Italy. It's been a tought day for U.S. troops as well, with three killed and eight wounded in the last 24 hours.

Christopher Albritton says that the situation in Iraq is horrible, which he seems in a good position to know.

An Asia Times columnist examines Iran's nuclear posture in more detail, tying it in with the interests of the U.S. and other regional powers like China, Israel, and Russia.

Israel's ministers lend their support to a settler compensation plan.

Tony Kushner says, don't despair. Almost as good as 'don't panic,' but perhaps more mood appropriate.

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Why not cancel billions of dollars of foreign country debt? We can always print more money!

We can buy assault weapons now! Yay!
Seriously, the evidence for and against the ban was conflicting. However, the one group that was adamantly against selling assault weapons was the police. Maybe we should listen to them and find out why they are for the ban.

Mayhem and killing in Iraq. The nation has become a magnet for terrorists. Better there than here (as in 9-11).

Check out my post on Iran that I wrote yesterday.


Posted by: Tom at September 14, 2004 04:59 PM