September 13, 2004

Politically Bankrupt

It just wasn't enough for the Bush administration to increase the country's debt burden so much that the U.S. is becoming a bad credit risk. The political landscape deals in other currencies, and the wastrel Bush administration is burning a hole in those pockets, too.

Fewer countries than ever before trust America, just as our military has become bogged down in a very public guerrilla war halfway around the world. In a stunning reversal of attitudes right after 9-11, when the whole world was appalled and sympathetic towards us, Bin Laden outpolls Bush across the Middle East. And did I mention the money problems? Our country 0 for 3 in terms of positive trendlines.

Iraq looms large, now, in terms of crisis areas that threaten the stability of their regions. Yet Iraq is far from being the only powder keg that could use the attention of a powerful and trusted intermediary. Unfortunately, no such country seems to be available. I'll leave you with a sampling of today's troublespot headlines that have nothing to do with Bush's war of choice:

Paramilitary Fighters Kill Six in Western Pakistan

Paramilitary camp attacked in held Kashmir

Colombia's 3 Million Refugees, Hidden in Plain Sight

Sharon warns of civil war in Israel

Putin uses war on terrorism to tighten grip on democracy

Iran to resume uranium enrichment

Khartoum rejects US accusations of genocide in Darfur

Police bear brunt in Nepal's war

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