September 13, 2004

An Important Contribution

Voting is a wonderful thing, and the ultimate currency of elections. But to get those votes, money has to be raised, forces have to be marshalled, ads have to be run, and it makes my head spin to think how many phone calls need to be made.

To do my bit in supporting this, I've urged visitors of this site to contribute to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, so they can help narrow the gap in the House. I've suggested donations go to Washington State races, to help maintain a strong Democratic party presence in our slate of federal candidates. The fact is, though, that as much as political parties and candidates need money, they usually need volunteers even more.

Meteor Blades over at dKos talks eloquently about why one of the biggest contributions you can make is walking your local precinct. The Bush campaign is not entirely wrong about how much this election might hinge on turning out the base vote. And your local party would undoubtedly tell you that Republican majorities in statehouses and governor's mansions make a big dent in how things run. If you live in a safely Democratic area, your efforts could be a huge windfall for statewide candidates. Even if you live in a red area, don't let them take it without a fight, make them spend money where they think they're 'safe.' The value of walking a precinct in a swing district goes almost without saying.

To steal a line from Howard Dean, you do have the power to take this country back. Do what you can, because every bit helps.

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