September 12, 2004

'So What' Day

Kevin Hayden suggests that on September 24th, all Americans commemorate 'So What' Day. Excerpted below is Hayden's description of the celebration, but head on over to read the full explanation:

...America was never beaten while my father served and thankfully, he was oblivious to the final indignities in his final days. He defended a great country for 28 years that never got beat, but was ultimately given away.

You may not remember that, but every day I ask myself what the point of his service was when the country he fought for is no more. Two weeks after 9-11, I’ll be commemorating ‘So What?’ Day in the ‘country formerly known as America. ‘

The ceremony will consist of people saying ‘Osama Bin Laden still runs free!’ Or ‘the unemployment’s worse!’ and ‘more children live in poverty!’ Or maybe they’ll yell ‘11,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed’ or ‘Tens of thousands of Black Americans were prevented from voting !’ They might even have the courage to say ‘the president’s men have blown the cover of an American spy!’ or ‘all the friends and family of the president are immensely richer because of this war with Iraq!’

And to each of these yells, I’ll shrug and say ‘So what?’ because it appears to be our new national anthem.


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