September 09, 2004


Atrios points to a Prospect article about the sorry attitude of the media towards the public. Below that are the various proofs and (finally) media coverage of Bush's experience disobeying direct orders from his military superiors.

Courtesy of BuzzFlash, an editorial on cowardice in the newsrooms.

Exposure to pollution damages children's lungs, decreasing lifelong lung capacity if the exposure isn't stopped during the formative years. A long running test was performed on school children in areas of Los Angeles that experience significant air pollution, measuring the subjects' lung capacity yearly and comparing the measurements to the standard developmental curve.

Kerry has his own Dr. Rice to advise him on national security. I saw her on Lester Holt's show on MSNBC yesterday and she was just terrific, will link if I can find the transcript, nailing Bush on flip-flops over the war, the 9-11 commission, and much else.

The Stakeholder discusses a bill that would bring editorial balance to military radio programming.

TBogg finds that the press gets snark, sparing him from having to generate some on his own in this one instance. He finds the most pointed instance, but do read the whole press gaggle, wherein sharp questions abound regarding whether or not Bush disobeyed a direct order, and whether or not Costa Rica will be removed from the Coalition list per its request. Warms the heart, it does.

Tom Burka on the Kerry plague that will descend if the Democrats are picked in a free and fair election.

Lies and the Lying Liars, etc.

A columnist at the Black Commentator explores the unthinkable: If Bush wins.

Remember when FOX News sued Al Franken over his book, and then nobody read it? Or when the Republicans started a campaign to keep Fahrenheit 9-11 out of theaters, so nobody went to go see it? Yeah, I don't remember it that way either. Now the Republicans and the Bush administration are publicly freaking out over Kitty Kelley's new book, which Steve Gilliard suggests must have some first class dirt to get them so riled up.

Max Sawicky says, it's the healthcare stupid.

Berube gets busted by Tristero, his satiric mask of wingnuttery cleverly swatted aside.

Prometheus 6 with an alert that insurance sales sharks are preying on servicemembers getting ready to serve in Iraq, and using examples of their graft as an argument to fleece them further.

In case you hadn't gotten the memo previous, Daniel Pipes is unreliable.

Sappho's Breathing talks about teaching a class about white privilege.

Ms. Musings notes that public breastfeeding is legal in Illinois due to a recent law. Also several links on the meaning of marriage, with a focus on Japan.

The Battle Bunny is having simultaneous flashbacks of both Vietnam and Watergate.

War and Piece: Rumsfelt suggests, all casualty totals to the contrary, that the Iraqi insurgency is weakening. A grand jury is now reviewing the AIPAC spy case involving personnel in Douglas Feith's office. Review of a post encouraging Andrew Sullivan not to despair of the Bush administration because they'll be less crazy in a second term. Umm, you know, it's never too early to stop being crazy.

Iranmania: Iran may still be buying centrifuge equipment, offers to provide university places to female Muslim students living in countries with headscarf bans.

World O' Crap pits Townhall against Renew America. Oh, the wingnuttiness.

BoingBoing links to a site offering a bounty for the first reporter to ask the following question: How many times have you been arrested, Mr. President? (They're currently taking donations to up their bounty, give generously ;)

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I just emailed 'If Bush Wins' to my sister, who is so far to the left that she's about to fall off the planet. She is considering NOT voting for president at all---as 3 other friends are saying they will do---only they're to the right of center, politically. I feel overwhelmed trying to make them understand what a second term of BushCo will mean. Of course, my right of center friends think I'm just an "irrational Bush hater" and my sister thinks that this country needs the shock therapy of 4 more years of BushCo. I have a hard time getting to sleep at night sometimes...I wonder why?

Posted by: Babba at September 10, 2004 05:38 PM