September 08, 2004

Good Reading

Matt Yglesias notes that the Bush administration has scuttled a treaty that would reduce availability of fissile material so that Israel and Pakistan could continue doing whatever it is that they're doing. Also, someone is very wrong, either the U.S. intelligence services or Michael Ledeen, about the trustworthiness of two men who may or may not be Iranian agents.

Upper Left pointed to the casualties in Iraq during the RNC, where Republicans used purple heart bandaids to mock Kerry, a post that seems more compelling by the day. Also, the best advice for Democrats, don't panic.

Another Washington State court, the Superior Court of Thurston County, ruled that gay marriage is legal under the state constitution. The case will be combined with the other winning case, and sent to the State Supreme Court.

Corrente uses the recent Bushism about OB-GYNs to discuss medical malpractice figures in some detail.

Eccentricity with more on what ownership means in Bushworld.

Atrios has the Bill Maher New Rule about running on failure as if it were a triumph. Also, he links to the Poor Man's shocking revelations about the Bush administration.

Juan Cole has the Chene-Halliburton-Iraq thing all laid out, nice and proper. Much is explained therein about the sweetheart contracts.

Avedon Carol expands on the Bush opportunity risk increase plan, and finds a good interview with Al Gore.

The Hamster puts us on alert that California will sue Diebold.

Yesterday was Elayne Riggs' 2nd blogiversary (I didn't realize we both started blogging on the same day before!), and was also apparently the anniversary of the arrival of the first Jewish immigrants to America. She shares her thoughts on Judaism and the Israeli government.

Blah3 points out a great Morford column on rapture Republicans. Shorter Morford: Republican equanimity in the face of disaster is easily explained by the fact that they think they're living in the End Times anyway, and they can't wait.

South Knox Bubba factchecks Bush's claims to support the troops.

American Street: Russia's Chechnyan hostages, taken a day into the stand-off in Beslan. It's the issues, stupid.

Digby: Bush drinking with the G8, eight guys, eight glasses. The reaction from the right to the 1000th death in Iraq.

Left Coaster: Links and review of four essays on who should be held responsible for the Bush administration's failures. Rumsfeld already fulminating against Iran, as though anyone watching doubts for a minute that there will be another war if these people get back into office.

Dave Johnson says that this article about Framing 101 is required reading.

If your senator is on the Judiciary Committee, call them on Thurs, Sept 9th, to ask them to repeal the ban on financial aid for college attendees with drug arrests. It's a ban that only hurts people who are trying to make something of themselves, and has no effect on people wealthy enough to pay their own way.

How to Save the World: Dave Pollard apparently doesn't think we have enough reading material, putting together some posts from the Salon Table Talk forum that make it sound very appealing. He also resurrects discussion on what he calls the corporate apartheid of lousy service for the rubes.

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