September 05, 2004

Curling Up With The News

Bush envoy: Bin Laden capture can be soon: All the Middle East and Asian papers are buzzing with it.

Juan Cole with the news to date on the AIPAC spy investigation, the ex-Baathists, communists, and islamists being put in charge of Iraq, corrects Andrew Sullivan's reading of his comments because Iraq isn't just about us, and gives Bush the CEO test.

Amygdala notes that future wars are being discussed quite casually in right wing circles, and that we'd be silly to think that 'nobody' wants to go to war with anyone else in the near term.

Prometheus 6: Where government economic reports come from. The ownership society promise is a scam, the myths dissected.

TalkLeft on critical Senate races.

Shrillblog with the list of lies.

The Guardian runs an editorial about how the Rove machine is attacking Kerry's strengths. At the same time, I'd like to point out, the Kerry campaign is leaving Bush unchallenged on his greatest strength: the public perception of his handling of 9-11 and the war on terror. It was said so many times after the 2002 bloodbath, but I'll say it again. We've lost the White House, the courts, both houses of Congress, and now we're behind by double digits two months before the election. What the bloody hell have the Democrats got to lose?

However, Steve Gilliard says don't panic. Maybe he's right. Also, in case you'd recently forgotten, he reminds us that Ann Coulter is crazy.

The Sideshow: Bush keeps non-believers out of his events, Kerry shakes hands with them. When you've read that, click here and read down. Avedon always finds the best stuff.

The Scope: Many of the big SUVs are illegal on California roads, weighing in above the 6,000 pound weight limit for mile upon mile of roadway. The National Academy of Sciences says to us yet again that global warming is real and that something had better be done about it.

Nathan Newman notes that, like Trent Lott before him, Zell Miller praised a segregationist within very recent memory.

Somehow I missed Annatopia's RNC coverage which had pictures of Gitmo on the Hudson, the perils of free speech, and the Miami model of arrest procedure. Her impressions of the NYC Police are both infuriating and moving.

Anna was also the Majority Report Radio blogger for the convention. Here, she collected the best RNC photoblogging links, her complete MRR RNC coverage is here.

Wampum's Eric with a clarification on Iran's nuclear program.

The Talent Show has a post up illustrating that Bush is out of touch with the financial realities of most people living in the US.

Al Muhajabah notes widespread Islamic condemnation of the Russian hostage incident. It seems that many Muslims have grasped the simple truth that when people behave badly in their name, it does a lot of damage to their cause and credibility. Too bad the neoconservatives aren't smart enough to have understood that yet, because our entire country may pay the price for it someday.

Slacktivist: Bush may want an ownership society, but the reality is a foreclosure society, and how an ownership society as the right envisions it would put the entire tax burden on wages. Why don't they hold conventions in towns that could really use a boost?

World O' Crap brings us sexual abstinence Sunday.

Trish Wilson notes that the women bloggers, where art thou discussion has reared up at its regular three month interval right on time. She says, "I don't think the question should be "where are the women bloggers?" I think it should be "why don't I, a male blogger, link to more commentary made by women bloggers?" Place the responsibility where it belongs." I think there's a little bit of misunderstanding on both sides of this latest flareup, but frankly, there are plenty of women blogging.

BoingBoing: T-Mobile appears to have suspended text messaging during RNC protest. A link to an O'Reilly commentary on alpha geeks.

Atrios points to a misrepresentation in Bush's convention speech. Which one? The one about the NY Times editorial regarding post-war Germany.

Everyone has lately been pointing to this Andrew Sullivan post about why he no longer feels comfortable identifying with the Republican party. If you haven't read it yet, do. Also, there's this one about Mary Cheney's absence from the stage of the RNC.

Blogging of the President: According to mainstream news outlets, virtually all personal income growth since 2000 is from the public sector and government has expanded, as the private sector continues paying the same wages it paid in 2000. The Chechnyan Black Widows are becoming a prominent force in terrorism against Russia, and we should probably all know a little bit more about them. How it would be reported if Bush declared the Earth was flat; a reminder.

DailyKos: Trapper John talks about what conservatism is, and why it doesn't exactly fit with the Republican party radicals anymore.

A London News Review editorial declares that Zell Miller has booked himself into hell. The closing:

...If George Bush Jnr wins this election it will be because the great American public applauds him for being staunch and unthinking - and if that's the case, well, we might as well all take off our clothes and wade out into the ocean and start gulping down the brine.

Bush, says Miller, is a "God-fearing man" - and "God is not indifferent to America" - (as anyone who reads The American Prophecies will know).

God is not indifferent to America? A sentiment dripping with unintentional irony. Miller had better hope, he'd better pray, that God starts feeling indifferent towards America, and pretty damned soon.

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Thanks for the link. I think that most Muslims came to the realization you mentioned a long time ago. I've posted links to many previous condemnations of terrorist atrocities. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much that the average person can do except keep trying to speak up.

Posted by: Al-Muhajabah at September 5, 2004 04:54 PM

I keep an eye out for your posts on this issue, because I know the newscasters are lying when they pretend like every Muslim terrorist critic is the first, as I just heard one do today. Thank you for keeping us informed on this issue in ways we wouldn't be if we relied solely on CNN or FOX.

Posted by: natasha at September 5, 2004 11:44 PM