September 02, 2004

RNC & Other Curious Events

Hat tip to Atrios: I wasn't the only one who was utterly appalled by the Bush twins' ditzy, rude, and inappropriate comments at the convention last night. I quit watching after they publicly insulted their grandmother, and reading the rest of the list of jabs, I'm really glad I didn't watch. Also, Michael Berube has more on the Bush girls & Arnie, too.

Blogging of the President: Gender, as a tangential discussion of women in blogging. Matt Stoller was a mole at a GOP strategy session which ended up focusing mainly on how to sell Republicanism to women. More rousing enthusiasm for Act Blue, a new group that effectively lets you set up your own PAC.

Brad DeLong finds Andrew Sullivan freaking out over the RNC bile.

Dave Neiwert of Orcinus is off on a book tour, but if you click here and scroll on down, you'll find informed commentary on DOJ madness, ideological purity checking of the press at a Cheney event, news you might be missing during the RNC, and an interesting post on the increase in hate crimes that's paralleled a decrease in condemnation of hate crimes.

A Pinko Feminist Hellcat explains to Arnold why she isn't a Republican.

Over at Political Animal, Ezra Klein discusses the media reaction to Zell Miller, which was about the reaction my SO had to it. Here's the Hardball transcript where you can find the segment where Miller challenged Chris Matthews to a duel. Here's the CNN panel interview where CNN's recently lackluster talking heads actually ask Zell Miller some tough questions, give Kerry spokesperson Tad Devine a chance to respond to allegations made in the speeches of Miller and VP Cheney, and share some analysis of the anger level of the convention.

Majikthise brings us the news that the latest corporate crime scandal had Richard Perle's fingerprints all over it. Also, she points to Nathan Newman's explanation of the corporate crime that joined Bill Frist and his money.

Do not forget that there are spies in the Pentagon while being gobsmacked by the Republican nuttiness going on in New York. The most bizarre thing about the story to me is that the guy who passed the secrets to AIPAC claims to have done so because he thought they'd be better able to get his higher ups to pay attention. Rozen, Marshall, and Glastris with their excellent report. Laura Rozen has more on Ghorbanifar, AIPAC, and Feith.

Maxspeak takes another crack at Arnold.

When Robert Novak thinks that Bush's performance this year has been been "indifferent" and "ineffective" then there's hope, after all.

Wampum: Mercury pollution is up all over the place. More autistic parenting adventures. The Bureau of Indian Affairs has been temporarily restrained from selling off disputed tribal lands prior to performing appraisals or informing their owners as to their worth, exactly the sort of behavior that's informed the sell-off of Iraq.

Two buses get bombed in Israel, so in Palestine, hundreds are made homeless. What's left to say about the situation there? Practically nothing that can prevent one side or the other from saying you hate them and their entire race, and probably nothing new whatever, anyhow. These are two groups of people whose radical factions, the kind that always rise to power in a security crisis, have adopted the belief that the other side will learn something if only they can be hit hard enough. As the more powerful party, Israel is probably in more of a position to change the dynamic. As the party with friends in name only, the Palestinians seem to have nowhere to go but down. It's the sort of situation that I think drives many people away from paying attention to world events, it hardly seeming possible that 50 years hasn't been enough for someone to come up with a sane and humane solution. I will now go back to not talking about the Israel-Palestine situation whatsoever for as long as I can avoid it.

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Shorter Novak:

We havent gone to war with anyone yet this year.

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I had someone in my office who is not into politics at all comment on what she observed. She compared the twins to Beavis and Butthead, Laura Bush to a stepford wife and the convention to a NAZI gathering. Scary stuff.

Posted by: Scott at September 2, 2004 05:59 AM