August 22, 2004

Malkin On Rush

Michelle Malkin, author of In Defense Of Internment, on the Rush Limbaugh show discussing her appearance on Hardball (image from linked page on the Limbaugh site, worth 1000 words if it's worth one):

Rush-Malkin.bmpRUSH: All right, now, explain what you were trying to say and what you were not given a chance to say.

MALKIN: Right. Well, on page 35, the book Unfit for Command mentions these two men, William Zaldonis and Patrick Runyan and their comments make clear that it wasn't clear where the enemy fire came from if it came from, and, you know, here is Zaldonis and Runyan both saying they were too busy to notice how Kerry was hit and it raised questions about where the shrapnel came from, and of course that wasn't just from some right-wing operatives. It was from the Boston Globe account, and of course when I mentioned this that the Boston Globe had raised some of these same questions -- and the Boston Globe is by no means a White House operation -- he had nothing to say. ...

RUSH: You know something, Michelle, in all candor, there would have been a time 15 or 20 years ago when you'd have had nowhere to go to tell the story.

MALKIN: That's true.

RUSH: You would have had nowhere to go to be able to get the truth of this out and embarrass these people and shine the light back on them, and you can now, and you're one of the reasons why that's the case. So, you know, it's a win-win when you look at it. The bottom line: it must have been -- and, by the way, I mean, I've seen some of the tapes of it. You didn't look flustered. You looked maybe a little angry, but nobody intimidates you, and I've marvelled at this because you take on topics that a lot of people will not dare touch -- because of political correctness -- whatsoever. So I mean, I'm sure it was unpleasant, but aside from being a character builder, you I think showed yourself to be above that fray all night long on this program. You ought to be very proud of it.

MALKIN: Well, you're kind and you've served as quite a role model --

RUSH: Well, I'm kind, but I'm also right. Never forget that. Now, we'll take a break and come back and talk about your book, because that -- folks, this is a fascinating premise. ...

Who thought Rush could make us nostalgic for a time 15 or 20 years ago? Yes, that long ago, Malkin would have gotten as much air time as the Flat Earthers and the John Birch society because more journalists did their jobs. Atrios links to what Runyon and Zaladonis actually said in the Boston Globe, which contradicts Malkin and supports Kerry. If Malkin's credibility needed any other shredding, David Neiwert takes apart her defense of internment and catches her in another lie.

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It's good she has Rush, rumor has it that after making an ass of herself on Hardball she won't be seen much on Fox anymore.

Posted by: Ron In Portland at August 22, 2004 09:54 AM