August 22, 2004

Pat Boone Wants You

Found this gem on Michael Savage's site, an advertisement for a terror preparedness DVD with Pat Boone:

"A CITIZEN'S GUIDE TO COUNTER TERRORISM" DVD features tangible steps of preparation recommended by The Department of Homeland Security and American Red Cross for physical disaster readiness.

Entertainer Pat Boone encourages viewers to take five basic steps of preparation which should also include financial preparation and asset reallocation -- especially given the obvious targeting of the U.S. economic system, financial institutions, U.S. currency and oil by terrorists.

According to Pat Boone, "Today radical Islamic warriors are willing to die to help bring America down -- both with physical attacks, like 9-11, and with planned financial attacks, as recent intelligence from al-Qaeda computer files have exposed. Right now, Al-Qaeda is busily training up the next generation of deadly terrorists -- and NOW is the time we must all be prepared! Preparedness has no downside risk, but unpreparedness does."

Pat Boone continues, "Terrorism will fail in the end, but the future belongs to those who have prepared for it -- physically and financially -- and this educational DVD will help you understand how simple it is to preserve your peace of mind by taking a few steps ahead of any possible emergency."

In addition to the 36-minute program, the DVD also includes recent interviews on national TV discussing tangible assets like U.S. gold and silver coins and why they are important assets to own during uncertain times.

CALL Swiss America at 800-289-2646 (8am - 6pm Pacific) to request a complimentary DVD "A CITIZEN'S GUIDE TO COUNTER TERRORISM" ...

This is an impressive marketing strategy. First, scare the bejesus out of people, then offer them financial salvation along with instructions on setting up a disaster kit. One has to admire their bold resourcefulness.

Posted by natasha at August 22, 2004 01:31 AM | War on Terrorism | Technorati links |

This is probably the first DVD in a series.

"Pay just six payments of $19.95 a month for even more solid advice for financial preparations. Receive a new DVD each month on the following subjects:"

- How to purchase life insurance policies on other people! The secrets of Wal-Mart can now be yours!
- Buy the rubble and sell it high - how to purchase foreclosed piles of rubble from terrorist attacks and then sell - sell - SELL that rubble to the FBI for their coffee tables!
- And more!

All they'd need beyond that would be some low-paid actors to make absurd claims on how they'd cashed in on this investing strategy.

Posted by: Kayne at August 22, 2004 08:36 AM

I wonder if this same group is ripping off people in Florida. Remember, gold is heavy, it won't blow away.

Posted by: Ron In Portland at August 22, 2004 02:12 PM

I would think that if the world was reduced to rubble via terrorism, having a good food stash would be more valuable than shiny stuff like gold and silver.

Posted by: Amanda at August 22, 2004 09:05 PM