August 22, 2004

World Net Daily Today

The 'news' organization World Net Daily is recommended to listeners by radio hosts like Neal Boortz, and I've heard Sean Hannity suggest them as a useful information stop on his radio show. Every once in a while, it's interesting to head over and see what the wingnuts are on about, so I preserve here their top stories for today:

WorldNetDaily Exclusive

Kerry supported by Viet comrade
'Unfit' author sees little contradiction
between swift boat book, new report


John O'Neill - committed to stopping Kerry
'That buzzard got out ... and betrayed the people he served with'
--London Telegraph

Washington Post: Swiftboat accounts flawed
Investigation sifts fading memories, ambiguous archives, partisanship
--Washington Post

Veteran leaves Bush campaign over role in ad
Involvement with 527 group disqualifies him for service on committee

Kerry asks FEC to stop vets' ads
Complaint alleges collaboration with President Bush's campaign

Hanoi T-shirt sales funding campaign
Anti-Vietnam War vet selling 'Americans Overseas for Kerry' garb

Teresa: John not qualified to be president
Wife of Democratic nominee doesn't think anyone is up for job

GOP vows detailed agenda at convention
Will seek to link Kerry, Democrat Party to any disorder, violence
--New York Times

Good times.

The editors of WND seem to think that terrorists might infiltrate the ACLU, and promote a book seriously titled The Gay Agenda. They're only moderately less crazy than the people over at Free Republic, which site was recently used as a source by CNN correspondent Bill Schneider, and just slightly more crazy than Drudge, a source used by CNN anchor Judy Woodruff among others.

The point being, don't assume that media personalities necessarily have better taste in information sources than you do, and don't be surprised if you see stories sourced to WND in the mainstream media. Don't forget to complain about it, either.

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