August 21, 2004

Out In The Wide World

Nepal crippled by Maoist rebels. Maoist rebels!? The Chinese are barely Maoists anymore. Where do these people come from? But seriously, Nepal has been under heavy fire for quite some time, with nearly daily bombings and gunfire incidents in the capital city of Katmandu. The movement springs out of impoverished areas of the country whose poor living standards have been ignored by several rounds of self-serving politicos, and whose distrust of the government has grown with their use of unsavory tactics.

Thomas Oliphant suggests that the use of a rabid partisan like O'Neill to smear Kerry may backfire on Bush, particularly since the charges wouldn't have stood the laugh test 30 years ago when Nixon was desperate to find something on Kerry.

Why the rest of the world hates our guts:

America's top speed-eater wolfed down 38 lobsters in 12 minutes Saturday to win the World Lobster Eating Contest.

Sonya Thomas, of Alexandria, Va., won $500 and a trophy belt for her efforts, consuming 9.76 pounds of lobster meat. ...

How to Save the World kicks off an interesting discussion about what a natural human society would be like.

Senator Kennedy wasn't the only legislator to be caught up in a no-fly list hassle. Georgia Congressman John Lewis has also been stopped repeatedly because a name like his showed up on a list. Lewis, unsurprisingly, also a Democrat. But high ranking foreigners get hit too, including a serving Indian defense minister who was strip searched twice.

The Sideshow has a bunch of fun links up as usual, starting off with the go-to places for chronicling how the Bush campaign has been busted big-time coordinating with the Swift Boat Veterans for Lying. Also, Avedon wonders if Bush's position on 527s really represents more than a stance of convenience, or a long-term conversion for a party benefitted by an increasingly conservative media.

In case you missed it, Digby talks about the rightward trend of the Chambers of Commerce, even as the interests of small and large businesses have continued diverging.

Atrios has posted Kerry's 1971 testimony before the Senate.

Michael Berube highlights yet another one of Alan Keyes' daft positions: he'd like to return to the days of state legislators electing senators. Keyes doesn't seem to think that the current system represents the states very well, which is funny in someone running for the Senate, if it isn't just depressing.

DailyKos with the latest on the FBI focus on protestors.

I wonder what the conservative talking heads would be saying if someone was fired for heckling Kerry. Well, keep wondering. The first heckling related job loss went to a man who heckled Bush in front of a client of his employer.

New overtime rules take effect Monday. And you thought you hated Mondays before this:

...The rules address jobs that are targets of lawsuits, spelling out what duties would exempt them from overtime. They include pharmacists, funeral directors, embalmers, journalists, claims adjusters, dental hygienists and chefs. ...

Republicans: Working day and night to keep Big Chefs from sucking the economic lifeblood of the country dry.

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