August 19, 2004

Catch Up Reading

Mary was speaking for all of us when she said things have been hectic lately, which is not even entirely due to this last weekend being the first time the entire original cast of Pacific Views stood in the same room together. If there's truly a functional specification for the universe, I bet there's something in the fine print that goes a little like this:

Verily I say unto you, Nothing Much will happen for so long that it passeth understanding. Then while you know not the hour it cometh, this multitude of tiny events will cause Something to happen, and often many Somethings all at once. Yet fear not as you walk through interesting times, because Nothing Much will happen once again, and that right soon.

Anyway, this post includes things I should have been reading recently, also some broken news.*

MyDD: Don't forget, Republicans hate firefighters. Did you know that 99% of us are underrepresented in Congress and electoral votes?

Atrios: Yes, they knew they were lying when they sold us the war. Just like these guys are lying when they dispute Kerry's medals. Kerry talks issues, pointing out several reasons why Bush has a lot of recent behavior to answer for. Why regulation can be useful, for instance, when you're looking for an apartment.

Magpie usually collects the shiny things around here, but I found these orbital aurora event pictures, with additional shots of everyone's favorite biosphere taken from space, courtesy of Corpus Callosum.

Kos: Wingnut media hack tries to pick a fight between the DCCC and the online community. Bush; negative, flip-flopper.

Electablog notes that while Bush may have quite the reputation for mangling words, the administration as a whole is very disciplined in the use of language. Also, in a mind blowing turn of events, New York City has a whole welcome program for peaceful protestors. I almost mind not being able to go, except for the small matter of the credit card bill for the trip to Boston.

Digby lays out Bush's campaign finance flip-flop.

The Sideshow brings to our attention an interesting essay titled, what is conservatism, and what is wrong with it. Quite the discussion of entitlement, race-baiting, flyover country, political correctness, and other things that conservative pols like to throw around when they want to pretend they're something other than apologists for the aristocracy.

Corrente: A Bush supporter literally shuts the mouth of a protestor, the picture is just creepy, who knows where that hand has been. Venezuela's recent presidential recall referendum has better electronic voting technology than that mandated in the US. Leah did a late sum up of the blogger convention coverage (thanks much for the honorable mention, Leah), and points to Dave Johnson's essay on the value of blogging in relation to the media.

Liberal Oasis has the blow-by-blow of the campaign surrogate debate.

Nathan Newman: Military families are more likely to oppose the war, says a PA survey. How the Bush administration is waging war on immigrants. Why the public thinks the economy is worse than statistics might say it is.

First Draft: Bush twins may attend gay wedding celebration. As an experiment, someone decided to see what would happen wearing a Kerry shirt at a Bush event, and vice versa. The sum up of Iraq stories that are being ignored, and a link to the Mother Jones article that discusses them in detail. Many schools in Kansas and around the country now feel that the only way to get even subsistence funding is to sue the state. The Iraqi Olympic team doesn't want to be a Bush ad.

River at Baghdad Burning mourns the loss of religious tolerance between Muslims and Iraq's Christian community.

Juan Cole talks about the outing of the Al Qaeda mole in some detail.

Rice and Bush take Iran to task for fearing their own people and being insufficiently free:

[Rice] "...I think they fear nothing more; the mullahs fear nothing more than their own people..."

[Bush] "...Free nations are peaceful nations."

You could almost forget that these are the voices of an administration that holds campaign events exclusively for vetted supporters, and notably launched a pre-emptive war in defense of freedom, all the while agitating for more and costlier weapons programs. Including tactical battlefield nuclear weapons. Are they trying to send us the subtle message that we aren't as free as they keep saying we are?

* Yes, as Jon Stewart correctly pointed out, the television news media broke breaking news.

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