August 13, 2004

People Are Talking

Though, as Slacktivist points out, it's only journalism if you bother to go find out if they're accurate.

That last link was courtesy of Atrios, who also points to Sadly, No's takedown of a jab at Edwards. Atrios also looks at the knotty question of why Bush isn't being questioned about his service record, and brings us the four month spin roundup.

Afro-Netizen talks about how meeting Dean people in Boston changed his opinion on what the whole Dean phenomenon was about.

Over at Wampum, a disturbing pattern of outing US intelligence assets that ventures near T-word territory, yet another data set indicating that Democrats are better for the economy, and how the coal industry puts forward that argument that peril is safety.

Guardian: US getting more hostile towards Iran, as some foreign fighters with possible links to Iran are captured in Najaf. (Wasn't there a recent news headline on that topic? Something along the lines of 'US concerned about foreign fighters in Iraq,' offered without irony.) A look at electoral dynamics and participation in Venezuela, a country where a bipartisan US effort has sought to smear and oust their democratically elected president, on publicly stated grounds of what amounts to poor taste.

How to Save the World on the end of oil.

The Navy Times has a poll up asking readers what they would do in an Abu Ghraib situation. (For reference, I did not vote in this poll, and I would ask anyone who clicks over not to vote in it unless you're an actual member of the armed services.)

The Sideshow has scoured the blogs for good links, like this debunked conservative email that puts Kerry's name on Dan Quayle misstatements.

Majikthise picks up the discussion on the hack gap.

David Neiwert, who has researched Japanese internment during WWII quite thoroughly, takes Michelle Malkin's racist and counterfactual screed apart. Included is a good roundup of other internet commentary debunking the latest conservative effort at revisionist history. Remember, they never accuse anyone else of doing anything if they aren't already planning it themselves ;)

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The New York Police Department is setting the stage for coming down hard on convention protesters. Here's the link:,0,3264312.story

Posted by: editoress at August 13, 2004 05:43 AM

I'm not sure who to contact, but a friend of mine who lives in Redmond says that the Redmond Marriott has been crawling with Secret Service people, and the roads around the Willows Business park where semis usually park suddenly have no parking signs along the curb. Do you think Bush is going to be spending the night in Redmond?

Posted by: Laura at August 13, 2004 07:30 AM