August 10, 2004

Tommy Franks

Retired General Tommy Franks was on Hardball last night. For your reading enjoyment, I thought I'd stick a couple of his statements right up next to each other:

MATTHEWS: Right now, do you think we have control in Iraq?

FRANKS: Oh, I think we have control of what we have on the ground over there. ...


MATTHEWS: Do you think that we have encouraged recruitment of al Qaeda by going into Iraq?

FRANKS: Of course, we have. Of course, we have. ...


MATTHEWS: That assumes that there would have been a sanctuary for terrorists if Saddam had stayed there.

FRANKS: Oh, and I absolutely believe there not only...

MATTHEWS: You believe that?

FRANKS: I believe there not only could have been one, I believe there was one. And the example that I use against all odds is Zarqawi, when Zarqawi was up with Ansar al Islam. And there are those who say, Well, Saddam didn‘t control the camps of Ansar al Islam, but I find it especially interesting that Zarqawi seems to have found a home... where he can operate...


MATTHEWS: ...But the question is, if we had the right information about WMD, if we had the right information about al Qaeda‘s role—I mean, about Saddam Hussein‘s nonrole in 9/11, would we have still said yes?

FRANKS: I don‘t know. But I am satisfied that having said yes has enhanced the security of our country. I truly believe that. ...

He thinks we're in control of what's happening on the ground in Iraq. He continues to use an 'example' of a terrorist tie that's been thoroughly discredited. He believes absolutely that Al Qaeda recruitment has gone up due to the Iraq war, while simultaneously believing that we're safer here in the US.

This is the man the Bush administration had leading the charge in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let's hope his successor isn't just as delusional or we're in for an even bumpier ride than it looks to be at present.

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It sounds like his answer to "do you think we have control in Iraq?" was "we have control over our own troops". Probably an accurate analysis of the limits of their control, though you'd think they'd be reluctant to admit even that considering some of the things the troops have been doing.

Posted by: felice at August 11, 2004 03:07 PM