August 02, 2004

So What's Happened to America is Safer?

Just in time to remind people that Bush is a strong, decisive leader who is resolved to protect America, Americans were treated to a full blown terrorist warning that the terrorists were still out there and prepared to attack at any time. Unlike previous warnings, this latest one has specific targets with many people getting briefed (including John Kerry) on how dangerous things still were in this country. The danger was so extreme that the Holland tunnel in NY was closed to commercial traffic and cars were to be screened to make sure they weren't filled with explosives. Wow. Scary times.

Was this the same country that was assured just last week that America was safer? Wasn't that the message of the day, when Bush used that phrase 7 times in one speech.

What to make of the stories that say that this threat and heightened vigilance will probably last at least until the election? Certainly if things are that dangerous, then people won't be surprised if some of our civil liberties are restricted, like the freedom to peacefully assemble in NYC during the up coming convention.

And wasn't it a few weeks earlier that we were given the news that the threat of terrorist attacks could delay the election? Might that be reasonable in face of this news?

Gosh, it was going so well, but then the nasty ole NY Times had to go an tell people that the evidence they were basing their terror threat on was years old. Indeed, pre-9/11 in some cases. What to think?

How about: how often do they get to play this game? And who would be to blame when the little boy who yelled "wolf" so often without cause finally has a real one to deal with?

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Just for fun, here's Adam Felber noticing the same thing a couple of weeks ago. arghh the irony...

"To review: LOOK OUT - it's completely safe."

Posted by: forgetting at August 3, 2004 12:05 AM

I am always confused as to why the Holland Tunnel gets shut down or has more strigent security, yet the Lincoln Tunnel does not. There is essentially no difference between the two. Do terrorists think striking the Holland Tunnel will get all of the Dutch people to leave NY?

Posted by: Scott at August 3, 2004 06:19 AM