August 01, 2004

NPR Competition

Listening to On The Media today, I've found out that Bob Edwards will be heard on satellite radio. XR's new Public Radio channel has hired Bob Edwards to host their morning program. Besides Bob Edwards' show in the morning, XR will be picking up content from Public Radio International (PRI), WBUR and American Public Media which includes programming from Minnesota Public Radio and Southern California Public Radio.

Wow, this should shake up things a bit now. And won't it be nice to get to hear some of the shows not picked up on the local NPR affliate?

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just being able to get CBC's 'as it happens' would be worth the monthly fee for this magpie.

and you're not kidding about how edwards' move to *XM* is shaking up public broadcasters. for the past couple of days, the public radio mailing list i've been on has been full of almost nothing except discussions of the impact of a satellite public radio channel on the fortunes of local public radio stations.

Posted by: Magpie at August 1, 2004 03:57 PM

" won't it be nice to get to hear some of the shows not picked up on the local NPR affliate?"

Uh, you can usually get this archived on the net, or listen to them streamed from any of dozens of station-sites you can find at

No reason to spend $$$ on sat radio for that stuff.

Posted by: Joh at August 2, 2004 11:20 AM

streaming audio is little help when you're driving in your car.

Posted by: Magpie at August 2, 2004 02:49 PM