July 30, 2004

As Kerry Prepares To Speak

Haven't gotten a chance to write about the Veterans' Caucus held on Monday, but I wanted to share some quotes from it after seeing the Kerry Band of Brothers on stage just a bit ago. Jim Wasser of St. Anne, Illinois, who served on the swiftboat PCF 94 with Kerry, said the following this Monday:

"In the time we were with him, he never made one bad command decision." He said they had wounded, but they didn't lose anyone, saying "we know that he's unfailing in his duties." Wasser said that it was important to veterans to have someone they know won't forget them, and that they were joining him on a last mission to ensure his election as the next president.

He concluded, "if John Kerry came up to us today and said he had one more swiftboat mission, and we were going to hell, he would have a full crew."

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