July 28, 2004

College Democrat

Helping me get a window on what the next generation of Democrats is doing, Javier Brown of the College Democrats of Georgia talked with me for a couple minutes. He's studying business at Morehouse College, saying that his "career plans are to eventually go into politics, hopefully to Congress."

Brown is attending the convention with around 50 other student attendees from Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, having come up on a bus together after the Young Democrats' Convention which overlapped with the beginning of the national convention. He says the main focus of the YDC was campaign training, so that attendees could go back to their respective states and campaign effectively.

Brown said that he learned a lot about field operations, which according to him is mostly knocking on doors and shaking hands. The delegates were told that winning this election would come down to one on one communication, and that it was as simple as talking to the people around you.

Brown first got involved with a local race when his pastor ran for County Commissioner. He started working on other local races, and realized that politics was "something [he] loved doing."

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